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Introducing TurboHD!

Now introducing TurboHD technology! This revolutionary technology enables the sending of high-resolution video over your existing coaxial cable. That means that those grainy blurry video feeds can be a thing of the past without the high cost of replacing your entire system. The level of detail that can be captured now could never happen on an obsolete analog system. The improvement in clarity and definition allows you to make out license plates, definitive facial features, even lettering on clothing just to name a few.

High Definition Video!

TurboHD technology is ideal for upgrading from standard definition to high definition video streams. It now supports up to 1080p resolution at distances over 1500 feet. The newest standards are supporting up to a 5MP image! View live video in high resolution with zero delay, and with bi-directional signaling, certain cameras are controllable from your smartphone, without compromising the HD quality video stream. Once you see the high performance of TurboHD technology at work you will be hooked for sure. Check out the video below for more information