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Starlink Cell Units

Starlink Cell Units provide a ton of benefits to your home security system.

Starlink cell units are compatible with our Napco Gemini security systems. The newest unit the Starlink connect allows for a virtual keypad, or the ability to control your security system from an app for Napco, DSC, and Honeywell panels. The Starlink unit itself can be put on almost any wired security system available for monitoring purposes.

Top Reasons to update to a Cell Unit

1. Self ContainedThe Starlink Cell unit is a self contained unit that works independently from any home/business phone lines. Power outages and accidents can cause phone lines to stop working until power or service is restored. We don’t think that your security systems monitoring should ever be off. The Starlink cell units are even typically powered by the security system, so as long as you security system has power, even if its on its battery back up the monitoring center will still be alerted to your alarms.

2. Remote ConnectionHaving a Starlink grants us the ability to remotely communicate to your security system. This allows for remote programming and diagnostic services for your security system without having a technician on site.

3. Virtual KeypadA Starlink can be outfitted with an app for a basic arm/disarm command of your security system. While the newest model, the Starlink connect, can allow for a full virtual keypad on any Napco, DSC, or Honeywell brand security system. This allows you to do anything you could standing at a keypad in your home/business from a keypad on an app. In the case of the Napco panels, it also allows for the use of the Z-Wave automation that you would get from the i-Bridge module.

4. Cost ReductionIn this day and age everyone has a cell phone. Traditional home phones are becoming scarce. The average home phone line costs an average of $30 per month. Including the cost of the cell unit, its install, and the $10 per month it adds to your monitoring bill, over the course of a 3 year contract you would save an average of around $500. It is less expensive to get a cell unit and discontinue your home phone service.