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Camera Systems

Here at Whitetail Electronics we basically have two types of camera systems; a cloud based notification camera, or a full featured high-end surveillance system.

Our cloud based cameras have the ability to send video clips directly to you whenever a tripwire or zone is broken, letting you know who or what is approaching your home. Depending on what your specific needs are, a simple tap of an app will allow you to check on your pets, kids, or babysitters. Knowing everything is okay at home will give you that extra peace of mind.

Our Camera Systems can and will NOTIFY you of activity

We can customize our outdoor cameras to notify you when anyone pulls into your driveway, walks up to your front door or even a remote building on your property. Receive a push notification or email instantly alerting you of the kids coming and going, UPS making a delivery, etc. Plus if there is an incident you will have an exact time stamp for easy retrieval of the footage needed for law enforcement, saving you a lot of time! Call today to find out more.

camera surveillancesecurity monitor hikvision-turbo-hd-camera-revised

Time to Update or Upgrade?

Have you been considering a quality camera system to help protect your home? Do you have a CCTV camera system that needs to be upgraded or repaired? Are the images from your existing cameras too blurry or grainy to be of any use? If yes to any of those questions, we have the perfect camera system for you! Our full featured camera system is a must see. Check out the differences between the two images below!The image on the left is what people are used to seeing when looking at CCTV footage. The high definition image on the right is what our camera systems can show without replacing any wires.

Quite a difference right!analog hd pic

If you have an older camera system that needs to be upgraded, but you want to keep the cost down, TurboHD is the solution you have been looking for. CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS

Specialty Cameras

A full line of specialty cameras are available to cover every type of situation. The new Darkfighter series offers full color images in partially lit areas at night, such as parking lots. The amount of detail is incredible.


There are specialty cameras to combat extremely bright areas as well as new full 180 to 360 degree cameras for specific applications.

Call our office at 814-790-5575 to set up a demonstration with a technician and we’ll show you just how impressive our high-end full featured camera systems truly are.