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Security Systems

Security systems are the best deterrent for potential intruders and to offer the PEACE OF MIND that you deserve. Unlike most of our competitors, we customize each installation to fit your specific needs to what works best for you, and your home. Your safety and satisfaction are our top priorities.

2Gig -GC3e Encrypted Wireless Technology

We are pleased to offer a new platform which offers a complete package of features for our residential clients. The 2Gig system comes with the ability to include security/fire sensors, cameras and Z-Wave automation that can rival the most expensive systems on the market today. The 2Gig panel is also a fully UL compliant security panel. 2Gig’s e-series of wireless devices provides a full line of wireless sensors using an encrypted wireless signal for increased security. 2Gig also partners with for a fully wireless security and home automation system which allows for faster installations, which means less cost to our customers. It features an easy to use APP for remote control of all aspects of the system. It is a cost effective, all inclusive product that is perfect for anyone who wants to start making their home smart. Call us today for more information!

Security Systems use a combination of sensors and contact points to detect an intrusion. When a zone is breached, or the system detects motion, an alarm sounds, and a signal is transmitted to the monitoring center. The monitoring center will immediately notify you, and the appropriate emergency services.

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Our Equipment

Our systems are built around a high-quality panel box that serves as the “brain” and power supply to your system. Each identified risk point in your home is then fitted with the most appropriate type of sensor or contact for that area. Strategically placed sensors are used to detect the sound of shattering glass windows, and motion detectors bolster protection levels in vulnerable areas.If you have pets in your home, special sensors are used that allow them to roam freely, even when the system is armed. Each of the contacts and sensors is programmed to communicate with the panel box, either through traditional wiring or using wireless technology.Finally, we select a keypad that allows you to operate the system the way that you want to. The options range from simple displays with number pads to fancy touchscreens with all of the bells and whistles. The latest technology even allows you to control your system –and many other facets of your home- through an app on your smartphone or tablet & computer- giving you true peace of mind wherever you are.

Specialty Sensors

Our systems can be easily enhanced with additional sensor systems. Fire and smoke detectors are the most common and some of the most important. We also have sensors that can detect high water levels, high and/or low temperatures, and various types of gases such carbon monoxide, methane (natural gas), and propane.If you have a specialized need for a certain type of sensor or system, call and speak with one of our System Engineers. With twenty five years of experience, we have the knowledge and ingenuity to create a system that meets all of your needs.

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