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24-Hour Monitoring

What good is any alarm system if no one hears it?

Monitoring is what makes any system useful and effective. If a sensor activates the system when no one is home to hear the alarms, the system is not able to notify you or the authorities without the help of monitoring services. Whether you spend a lot of time away from home, travel often, or just want to ensure your home is secure while your family is asleep, the best time to monitor your system is before a tragedy occurs. We’d much rather hear that you’re glad you did, than that you wish you had.

Phone lines are no longer required for monitoring.

Originally, all monitored security systems utilized the landline telephone as the exclusive method of communication between the system and the call center. With recent advances in technology, there are now several options available that utilize cellular communication signals to provide reliable reporting without worrying about cut wires or paying the phone bill for an otherwise unused line. This capability also enables us to provide both security and video monitoring services in many remote areas that were previously unreachable by traditional telephone and internet providers.

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How Monitoring Works

For security, fire, and environmental systems, we customize the protocol to be followed for each type of signal code when programming your system. When the panel receives a signal, it sends a message to the central monitoring station. The operator at the monitoring center will follow the protocol designated for that particular code. This may be a phone call directly to you, dispatching specified emergency services, or notifying someone else that your system has been tripped- you decide. Our monitored systems can detect and alert both you and the authorities at the first signs of danger when seconds are critical in preventing loss of life and devastating property damage.

Typically, if a smoke detector is set off, the monitoring station receives the signal, and calls you on the number you’ve provided for this purpose first. If you tell them you to send the fire department, they will immediately dispatch them for you. If you had just burned your dinner, and know you do not need the fire department, you would give them a code to verify who you are, and tell them it was a false alarm. If you do not answer, the monitoring center will automatically dispatch the fire department, and then begin calling the people you put on your call list until someone has been notified of the incident.

Monitoring is especially important for households that include children or elderly folks. Reacting calmly and with focus can be difficult for them when in crisis situations, such as their home being on fire. Physical limitations may prevent them from exiting the building, especially when they are scared, it is dark or smoke requires them to stay low to breathe. They may not have the forethought to call for help until it is too late. Our monitored systems can detect and alert both you and the authorities at the first signs of danger when seconds are critical in preventing loss of life and devastating property damage.

Video surveillance systems are able to be custom programmed to meet your needs. Recorders are available to save continuously or only when events occur during designated times. Cloud storage for event-based recording is an option as well. Video monitoring is also available, and allows the monitoring center to use your surveillance system to verify an event prior to dispatching the authorities. For those who just want to know when their system has detected an event, video notification services can provide that ability by sending video clips directly to your phone or email when motion is detected.

Monitoring services for security, fire, and carbon monoxide start at just $20.00 per month. Call the Whitetail Electronics office for more information about our affordable monitoring and notification pricing: 814-790-5575.