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Winter weather means frozen pipes!

Posted Friday, October 21st, 2016 in News

Residents in Northwestern PA, and Western New York certainly have become accustomed to harsh winters. Owning a home or business is stressful enough, but adding the winter season into the mix just makes it more stressful. Anyone who has experienced frozen pipes can appreciate the benefit of an low temperature detection system.

Temperature sensors can be placed throughout your home or business, and will communicate directly with your security system panel. The temperature will remain at a designated level determined by the client. When the temperature goes above or below the threshold, you will be notified via text,phone or email immediately.

A perfect example would be if your HVAC system stopped working in the dead of winter. We all know how cold our winters are,and the havoc that comes with it. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a system to alert you if something was wrong with the heating system? We have a client this that is out of town for the winter. While he was away his HVAC system shutdown, and never turned back on. During that time the temperature in his home dropped below 50 degrees. His security system sent a “low temperature” alert to the monitoring station. Our client received the call immediately, and was able to send a family member to the home and address the issue. If our client did not have these sensors in place, his pipes would have surely frozen and possibly caused significant damage to his home.

These sensors are inexpensive and are professionally installed by our technicians. Furthermore, there is no additional cost on your monthly bill!

Make sure those pipes stay warm, and heating bill manageable this winter! Contact us today 814-790-5575 for more information or Click Here!