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Camera systems and what they can do today.

Posted Wednesday, November 9th, 2016 in News

Its amazing how far we have come in the world of video surveillance since the late 40’s. Video surveillance systems didn’t start to become more commonplace until the 70’s, but they were still extremely expensive, and not practical for most people.  We have come a long way from looking at shadows on  small black and white screens. We are now able to look at high definition video footage on the phone in your pocket at anytime.

The cameras of today are quite remarkable in the way they record in clarity and provide very fine details within the image. Most cameras record in 720p or 1080p, and are moving toward 4k resolution in the near future. This allows for incredible detail to be captured during events that would help local authorities identify the suspects involved. Perhaps even more impressive is their ability to record highly detailed footage at night. In total darkness some of these cameras use IR sensors that are rated to see up to 100ft or more and provide a high definition color image.

The ease of using the cameras has greatly improved as well. Through the use of applications on a smartphone or tablet you can view live, and recorded footage at your convenience. In most cases once these cameras are installed and programmed, the only thing that has to be done for routine maintenance are the firmware upgrades that help to improve the software within the cameras.

Owning a video surveillance system has never been more practical and affordable. Now is the time to start considering if a surveillance system is the right choice to help protect your property, and the ones who matter most. Call our office at 814-790-5575 to speak with one of our system engineers, or click here for more information.