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New Customer FAQ

Questions You Should Ask When Shopping For a Security Systems Integrator

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Founded in 1993, Whitetail Electronics has been your industry leader for 25 years.
A Security Systems Integrator specializes in the different electronic components of property security, and how all of those different components are able to work together to form a single, unified system. This may be as simple as creating a basic home security system, or as complex as a commercial property manned with biometric access control, motion activated video surveillance alert systems, temperature monitoring sensors, and many other specific system aspects.

Whitetail Electronics specializes in security and fire systems, video surveillance systems, interactive (smart) home technologies, access control, and audio/video systems. It is the heart of our business, because your peace of mind IS our business. Many area companies are offering security and camera systems as add-ons to other services. Electricians, office equipment companies, IT networking companies, and audio companies are all trying to move into the security market, but no one has the experience and track record of Whitetail Electronics in the Erie area. We ARE your best, most knowledgeable choice.

Not exactly. We are an authorized dealer for the companies we buy from, but we do business a little differently than the many authorized retailers you’ll find in the area. Our systems are custom designed to meet the specific needs of each client and premises. We do extensive research to make sure each product we use is of the highest quality and value available. We aren’t comfortable just using whatever products the authorizing brand would force us to use. Locking ourselves into that sort of agreement would be great for our marketing budget, but would prevent us from doing business the best way we know how—and that isn’t a compromise we are willing to make.

Two reasons: quality and honesty. We replace $99 systems because the customers got what they paid for, and need something they can rely on. The other guys install cheap stock systems that may not meet all of your needs, or they have to sell you a bunch of additional equipment to complete your system, at a lot more than you were expecting. They make up the money later through high monitoring fees and really long contract terms. Some of them don’t even sell you the system; they just lease it to you. That means they will come rip it out if you ever cancel your monitoring.

Whitetail Electronics is committed to fair, honest business. We only install quality systems we know will be dependable. False alarms are expensive for both the emergency responders and the property owner. The police department will send you a bill if they respond to multiple false alarms at your residence or business- and it isn’t cheap. There is a reason many law enforcement officials and private investigators refer people to Whitetail Electronics: Our systems are known for their reliability. Some of our original customers are still using systems we installed decades ago, and that says more than we ever could.

We could offer a cheaper system, sure, but we wouldn’t be able to stand behind it. Is your home security really where you want to compromise quality and reliability for a super cheap installation price? …We didn’t think so.

That entirely depends on what you want and need. Our systems are customized, so offering packages is sort of pointless. (But since you asked, a residential security system will typically start in the $800-1400.00 range, including installation, depending on your home and system needs.) We’d be happy to discuss your individual systems needs and prepare a proposal for you. Call the Whitetail Electronics office to set up a consultation with a Systems Engineer: 814-790-5575.

Yes! Chances are that $99 security system wouldn’t even be yours. Many security companies lease the equipment, and will remove it if you cancel their monitoring services. Our systems are sold up front, and you will own everything. Leasing out systems that force you to use our services just seems like shady business, and that just isn’t our style. We don’t even require our customers to purchase monitoring services (though we highly recommend them…seriously…it’s important), and if you ever decide to cancel, the system is yours.

Our technicians are fully-insured employees of Whitetail Electronics. They are extensively trained and highly skilled at what they do. We promise friendly, presentable, respectful technicians- every time. It seems silly to even have to say that, but we’ve heard a lot of horror stories over the years about the people other companies have sent to their client’s homes. We thought we’d reassure you from the start.

It doesn’t happen too often, but we offer some pretty impressive warranties on our systems in case it does. Most of the equipment we install is covered under warranty – some for as long as three years- if the equipment is faulty. Any service calls for diagnosing, repairing, and/or replacing faulty equipment are covered under our service warranty for a full year, as well. Service contracts are available to maintain and protect your systems after that. We recommend them for the maintenance portion alone, but they will save you from paying for unexpected service calls, as well. Please call the Whitetail Electronics office for more information if you are interested in one of these contracts for an existing system, or if you need to set up a service call: 814-790-5575.

You should test your system regularly to make sure everything is working properly. It is also highly recommended that you have your security, fire, and access control systems checked once a year by a technician. IP camera systems should have their firmware updated at least twice a year for optimal performance. These services are all included in the price of our service contracts, but can also be obtained for an hourly rate by calling the Whitetail Electronics office: 814-790-5575.

Our UL-listed monitoring station serves as your eyes and ears whenever you are away. They will notify you, dispatch appropriate emergency services, and call anyone else you designate to us in the event of an alarm. Our video surveillance systems have many options for scheduled recordings and direct notifications as well. Check out our Residential Monitoring page or our Commercial Monitoring page for more information.

Interactive technologies allow you to control your security, fire, environmental, access control, and video surveillance systems through an app on your smart phone, computer, tablet, or a wireless touchscreen. The lighting, thermostat settings, and many other Z-wave enabled devices can be integrated, as well, for maximum levels of property protection. You may have heard this technology called “connected home”, “home automation” or “smart home”, but our systems aren’t limited to home use. Whether you are looking to ensure your home, your business, or both are safe and secure, we have the technology to put you in complete control, no matter where you are. Check out our Residential Home Automation page or our Commercial Automation page for more information.

CLICK HERE to fill out our contact form, or call the office at 814-790-5575. We’ll get you in touch with a Systems Engineer, who will help you through the system design process.