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Commercial Security Systems

Whitetail Electronics only uses top grade equipment when securing your facilities. We feel that your system should actually work the way you want. We give our customers a customized security system specifically for your property.Our systems are high-quality, dependable, and able to discern between real intrusions and the triggers that set off outrageous numbers of false alarms in our competitors’ systems. Budget security systems “cry wolf“, and they do it often.We will work with you to make sure you have a fully customized security system that fits your bottom line and gives you the peace of mind that comes from your properties, people, and valuable assets are safe.
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Camera System and Security System Integration

When a camera system and a security system are joined together the overall protection of your business improves drastically. For example, you could be sent a twenty second video clip showing ten seconds before & ten seconds after the alarm. This is an extremely useful feature that allows you to see what exactly triggered the alarm, and whether the authorities need to be dispatched to the property or not. Joining both the camera and security systems will help make you safer and confident in knowing all is well.

How it Works

Security systems use a combination of various sensors and contact points to detect an intrusion. When a zone is breached, or the system detects motion, an alarm sounds and a signal is transmitted to the monitoring center. The monitoring center will immediately notify you, and the appropriate emergency services. Security systems are the best deterrent for potential intruders, and the fastest way to know when someone has decided to try.Every property is different, so no two security systems should be the same. We custom engineer each of our system packages, so your security system will be tailored to your business, property and preferences. Our knowledgeable Systems Engineers will carefully evaluate your business and property for security risks and potential access points. They will also talk to you about your objectives for your system. We are committed to designing the best possible systems for you and your employees.

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