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Commercial Fire Systems

Losing everything due to a fire is something that should never happen to anyone. Fire alarm systems are required for business properties in most cases, but many of the systems are not monitored. Response time is everything for the fire department. Having a monitored fire system could be the difference between losing everything, and keeping your lively hood safe.
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Fire and Smoke Detectors

Fire and smoke detection systems have audible alarms that can also be monitored 24-hours per day by our “UL” listed monitoring station. Authorities can then be notified the second smoke or flames are detected. The damage done to your business, equipment, and other valuable assets could be minimal or completely prevented.Every building should have a monitored fire system. That is why we have chosen to include the cost of fire, and other additional sensor monitoring in our standard monitoring fees at no extra charge.

Specialty Sensors

We also offer various specialty sensors to help give you that extra piece of mind. If you have a water sensor attached to your security or fire panel, it can alert you to rising water levels. This is especially useful if water issues are a known problem for the property.Our system engineers will assess if a water sensor is needed at one or more locations at your business.

Heat detectors are similar to smoke detectors, but instead of sensing smoke, the heat detectors sense a rapid increase in temperature over a very short period of time. They are designed to protect property not lives. These heat detectors are typically installed in garages, attics, warehouses, and electrical closets. These are the kinds of areas are typically filled with particulates that could trigger false alarms in average smoke detectors. Our system engineers will help you determine which type of detector is necessary for the area.

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