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Control4 Automation

The Control 4 platform allows the many systems in the average business to communicate with each other and you. Lights, HVAC, Security Systems, Cameras, Audio, Video, Intercom and so much more. Motions in your security system can be used to turn on lights in the rooms when people enter them. When opening for the day, have your TV automatically turn on when you disarm the security system or turn off when you are done for the day. At the end of the business day you can hit one button to turn off all the lights and arm your security system. With Control4, your options are virtually limitless.
Control4Logodoctors-office-waiting-roomLowRes_noReflection_TouchScreens_SR260_iPhone6_Keypad_Flatscreen_VariousUIcontrol app

Control4 Capabilities

Being able to view and check on your business and property whenever you need to is an invaluable capability that you will never want to live without again. Maybe you can’t remember if you turned all of the lights off, or maybe forgot to lock the door? With the Control4 application, simply pick up your smartphone and launch the Control4 application and hit the “Goodnight” button, and everything will turn off and the doors will lock and the security system will be armed. No panicked moments driving home wondering if something wasn’t done. Check out the video below to learn more!

Audio for business

Do you have an audio system? Maybe you don’t have an audio system at all and are interested in obtaining one? Impress your customers with the Control4 audio system. No more going into the back room to change that static ridden radio station, or changing that outdated playlist. With the Control4 audio, you can be listen to digital quality audio in no time with virtually any music or talk news station at your finger tips with “TuneIN”. Check out the video below to see what you’re missing.

Benefits Using Control4

We stay on the cutting edge of technology and are always trying to anticipate what your business can use to help become more efficient and help keep your customers coming back. The Control4 system can relieve a lot of stress from your employees and yourself by simplifying your daily regiments. Click on the videos below to see what the Control4 system could do for you!