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Access Control Systems

What is Access Control?

The term access control refers to the practice of restricting entrance to a property, a building, or a room to authorized persons. Physical access control can be achieved through technological devices. Some of these devices require simple pin codes or key cards to unlock doors. Some devices can be as advanced as using facial recognition software to unlock a door. It all comes down to needs of the business or property, and that is where Whitetail Electronics excels.The system engineers at Whitetail Electronics ensure that every need for securing your property is met. We understand each business or building is unique and do our absolute best to have a working solution that is right for each instance.

Access Control Door Locks

There are many different door locks that can be used with your Access Control System. Some use pin codes or proximity cards that are assigned to each employee. This helps to know who is accessing the building and at what times. Other locks called “Bio Readers” can use employee fingerprints to control access to the building. This type of lock can be useful if you do not want your employees sharing their pin codes with outside personnel. There are locks that can be controlled remotely as well through Z-wave technology. Whether it is a single door or multiple buildings we have a solution that fits.

Multiple Doors, Multiple Buildings, One Solution

Access Control software can be used to centrally manage multiple doors at multiple sites. For example if you have 3 office locations with access control on each of their front doors, when a new badge or person is added they are configured to work on one door to all doors. Badges can also be restricted to work only between certain times on certain days. The door can be programmed to be unlocked during business hours or not. The possibilities are vast which makes it a useful system for so many people and businesses. The system also can be remotely managed with ease. Multiple reporting options allows you to access reports ranging from badge information to entry logs for auditing purposes.

It is important to keep in mind that some locks may not work with certain doors. That is why our system engineers discuss everything about the access points to the building and how they are used. This will help us determine the best solution for your property.