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Commercial Services

With twenty five years of experience, and knowledge of the most cutting edge technology in the industry, Whitetail Electronics’ systems can overcome obstacles that many others cannot.We are specialists in our trade and take pride in what we do. Every business is unique, and we have the experience and expertise to design the best systems possible for your commercial needs. We will work with you to identify every opportunity to secure your business, properties and assets in the most reliable and efficient ways possible.Our business is giving you the means to protect your business, and we take that responsibility very seriously. Call to speak with a Systems Engineer today and see what our technology and integration can do for you.

Security Systems

We stay on the leading edge of technology and are able to provide state of the art, custom intrusion detection systems to our commercial clients. From basic to multi-layer security, we have the knowledge and experience to create the best possible system to protect your business.

Fire and Environmental Sensors

Having a fire breakout within your property can have a devastating effect on your life especially one that is not detected by proper equipment. Fire, carbon monoxide, temperature and flood detection systems alert you and the monitoring center at the first signs of danger, when every second is critical. Our system engineers will work with you personally to build the most comprehensive security systems package for your company.

Camera Systems

Check on your business or property any time of day. With the tap of an app, you will be able to view live footage of your property to know all is well. Today’s security cameras are smarter and stronger than ever before. The options for customization, recording preferences and notifications are very impressive as well. Whitetail Electronics will help to give you that peace of mind that you deserve.

Access Control Systems

Being able to restrict and monitor who passes through an entrance way is essential for asset protection, employee safety, theft deterrence, and so much more. With state-of-the-art technology you can use computers, finger print readers, electronic locks and card keys, to control and track who comes and goes.Our engineers will help you design the ideal system(s) for your business.

New Construction

Is it time for a new office, warehouse, or worksite? We are your exclusive resource for all of your security/fire, IP video surveillance, and access control needs. We also do audio/video systems. There is no better time to install the foundation for your systems than the early phases of construction. Calling us before or as you break ground will help save you time and money.

24-Hour Monitoring

What good is a security system if no one is around to hear the alarms? Whenever your system detects an emergency condition, a coded signal is transmitted to one of the dispatchers at our UL listed monitoring station. Within seconds, they notify whomever you have designated and the appropriate authorities. No phone line? No internet? We have solutions.